Founded on and derived from the 33 Basics to Achieve True Leadership presented by Patrick André in his book “Lead Truly” (Xlibris, 2013), the following 8 KEY/MOST IMPORTANT RULES OF TRUE (SELF-)LEADERSHIP, TRUE SPIRIT & TRUE PERSONAL BEST CODE OF CONDUCT/HONOR/MORAL DUTY (in straight line of the code(s) of Conduct/Honor of medieval Knights and of some sports clubs nowadays), have been established by Patrick André (as of March 1, 2016) for all good people, men and women, young and adult, and can be very useful to lead and to succeed in all good walks of life and good/great careers:


LEFTCOSM (mnemonic)

  1. Lead & Achieve – Lead your own way, lead your Life, be the leader you want to be, be your very Best. Provide Good Leadership as much as you can in all possible ways/areas/fields/disciplines/worlds. Engage in what you have talent & passion for, in what you dream of and/or in what you feel is your True Destiny. Fulfill & Conquer your own True Destiny daily, with total engagement/dedication. Act/Achieve the Best you can in your professional/private Life. And “Do what you love and love what you do” as the saying goes, as much as you can. Always remember: Life is all about Leadership (Good Leadership of course), always has been and always will be.
  2. Excel & Explore – Strive for Excellence, try to Excel, be on a lifelong Quest for Excellence in all areas: physically, intellectually, mentally, artistically & spiritually. Be as Fit as you can be. And achieve/perform as many Great Exploits as you can/are able to. Surpass yourself and Transcend yourself! The Beauty of Life is that you can always aspire/seek to reach higher levels of excellence/wisdom/consciousness/existence/Life. So always keep that beautiful and lifelong Quest/Spirit/Faith. Be Forever Young (in Spirit) and Make your Life a Great Journey/Odyssey/Trip. And Explore/Travel the World with the same Spirit, when possible, which will be very valuable experience.
  3. Fight & Compete with a True Spirit, like a True Champion/like in Sports/like historic Heroic/Lead(-ing) Men & Heroic/Lead(-ing) Women, with the True Sports-Heroic Spirit. And, of course, Win as much as you are able to!
  4. Train & Progress – Train your skills, talents & strengths and push your limits to the best of your abilities. Regularly Train, Study, Learn, Improve, Progress & Get better and better! And always keep up-to-date with all useful/necessary continued training at any age and forever.
  5. Communicate & Convince – Communicate clearly/honestly to anyone you adress & do your best to convince people. No lies/tricks/manipulations. Always Stay True.
  6. Organize & Optimize your professional and private Life in the Best ways possible. And Lead a balanced/healthy Life(-style), have/promote good habits daily, and never forget that good balance & health are key to Success and to Longevity. 
  7. Secure & Be on your guard against/Avoid/Fight any Evil Forces/Spirit whenever necessary and any vicious/dirty attacks/dangers (e.g. traps, tricks, manipulations, lies, threats, etc…) at any cost even if applicable, for your own sake; you must absolutely & universally focus, pay attention & be very careful at all times (See Bible’s Ephesians 6:10-20, Armor of God, as well as James 4:7, Resist the Devil).
  8. Meditate & Pray regularly to manage, develop, increase & strengthen your Good Spirit(-uality)/Forces/Energies. Empower yourself! And Praise the Holy Universal Spirit, the Holy Universal Force and the True Holy Sports-Intelligent-Universal/Cosmic Spirit/Faith/Force.


All the Best and Take care,

Patrick André.


Copyright by Patrick André, MAX-LE, February 22, 2017, Switzerland.







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