Some Historic Key points for Humankind on Earth

      Key points/Basics/Timeline – by Patrick André


Known beginnings:

~ 14 billion years ago:  Creation of our Universe (Big Bang)

~  14-12 billion years ago: Formation of the first Galaxies, Solar systems and Planets

~ 5-4 billion years ago: Formation of our Solar system and Planets in our Milky Way Galaxy


Prehistory on Earth:

~ 60 million years ago: Extinction of the dinosaurs (huge meteorite hit the Earth)

~ 3 past million years: “Homo Species” evolve and develop progressively

~ 80’000 years ago: big meteorite hit the Earth (Africa, Hoba, 60 tons)

~ as from 14’000 B.C.: Neolithic revolution in various areas on Earth: Humans start developing agriculture and farming and start building and living in houses and cities, moving on from previous hunting and cave dwelling; for people who read the Bible, according to Bible’s Genesis, around this period, “Nephilim”/”Giants” were living on Earth and “Sons of God” married young beautiful human women among Adam & Eve’s descendants and had many children together who truly became known as the “Renowned Heroes of Antiquity” 

A historic deluge apparently took place later (a few centuries/millennia later) on Earth, according to the Bible’s Genesis chapter 6, it rained intensively for a very long period of time and eventually the Antique World, that reportedly and inexplicably had become evil, wicked, corrupt and violent, got annihilated and disappeared under very high waters/seas, except for Noah and his chosen people and animals who were saved on board of Noah’s Ark a.k.a. “The Ark of the Covenant” from God through/with Noah; some scientists nowadays claim to have found some evidence of this time (e.g. in the region of Mount Ararat, near the modern Armenian/Turkish border)

Atlantic Ocean ~9’000 B.C.: Lost Civilization(s) of Atlantis: Ancient Civilization(s) on the Isle of Atlantis, in the name of Titan Atlas (eldest son of sea God Poseidon who had married nymph Clito – the island’s King daughter – and who together first ruled Atlantis and had many children); Atlantis was described as being situated beyond Hercules Pillars and its civilization was apparently well advanced according to Legends/Mythology/Books reported in later Greek history (see Plato’s works “Timee” and “Critias”, Herodote, Pseudo-Apollodore, Diodore of Sicily aand Proclus/Crantor) and in various modern tales; Atlas’ daughter Calypso welcomed/rescued Ulysses on one of his seatrips; Atlantis reportedly at some point became an Empire and started attacking the Greek civilization in the Mediterranean, the Greek managed to defend themselves but apparently, as Atlantis army was preparing a new attack, Zeus as Supreme God decided to annihilate Atlantis with a “gigantic wave” – what would very likely be called a tsunami nowadays – which was reportedly linked to an unprecedented very destructive “earthquake” that hit Atlantis, all reportedly in one day and one night

Neolithic-Ancient China possibly as early as ~ 12’000 B.C.: China’s early age of mythological rulers/deities called “Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors” of which Fu Hsi is the first civilisation/culture Hero, followed by China’s Great Dynasties of Rulers/Kings (Dynasties: Xia as from ~ 2100 B.C., Shang, Zhou, Qin, Han, etc… ) who called themselves “Sons of Heaven” and ruled with a “Mandate from Heaven” for the wise & virtuous leaders, Cosmology of Yin & Yang, Heroes, Explorers/Navigators as from around year 2’000 BC who sailed to the Pacific islands, Scientists & Philosophers like Lao Zi and Confucius, The Tao, great production/inventions of tea, porcelain, silk, iron/steel smelting, fireworks, gunpowder, compass & other, the commercial “Silk Route/Road” developed/opened as of ~ 120 B.C. during the Han Dynasty with Persia/Arabia/Europe, the Ming dynasty-lineage of leaders named “Mao”, The Temple of Heaven (in modern Beijing)

Pacific Ocean/Polynesia: Lost Civilization(s) of Mu/Lemuria: “Maori” people, Family of Austronesian languages with one common source, all across the Pacific Ocean to the South China Sea to the Indian Ocean, i.e. right along the Tropics including all islands, e.g. Hawaiian Islands (Hawaii and its Highest mountain Mauna Kea i.e. “White Mountain” in Hawaiian, Maui, Molokai, Lanai, Oahu & other), French Polynesia (Tahiti, Moorea, Bora-Bora, Tuamotu, Marquesas & other), Rapa Nui/Easter Island, Kiribati (Christmas Island, Phoenix Islands, Starbuck Island & other), Cook Islands, Samoa, Wallis and Futuna Islands, Tonga Islands, Fidji, New Caledonia, Phillip Island, New Zealand, Australia, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, Indonesia, Cocos Islands, Thailand, Maldives, Seychelles, Mauritius, the Reunion and Madagascar

Neolithic-Ancient Greece/Cyclades/Aegean civilization(s) as early as ~ 7500 B.C.: Nea Nikomedeia, Sesklo, Mount Olympus (Highest mountain in Greece), Zeus, Athena, Nike, Apollo, Hermes, Dionysos & Others, beautiful Nymphs (Callisto, Daphne, Thebe, Thyia, etc…), Iliad & Odyssey, Islands like Andros, Tinos, Kea, Mykonos, Naxos & other, Andromeda, Perseus, Atalante, Jason, Argonauts, The Phoenix, The Pegasus, King Minos (Son of Zeus & Europa/daughter of King Agenor of Tyr) & the Minoan civilization on the Crete island, Cyclades Islands, Champs-Elysees a.k.a. Isles of the Blissful People (beyond Hercules Pillars according to Greek poet Pindar), Olympic Games started as of year 776 B.C. to honor Zeus, creation of Democracy, Pythagore, Plato, Socrates, Aristotle, other Heroic Men and Heroic Women all the way to Alexander the Great (King of Macedonia/Greece/Ancient Persia/Central Asia), great cities like Athens, Aeges/Aigeai, Alexandria (many cities in the name of Alexander the Great), Corinth, Minoa, Phoenix, Olympia, Thebes/Thiva, numerous colonies across the Mediterrean Sea like in South Italy and in South France from Marseille (Massalia) to Nice (Nikea) during ~ 500 years before Roman invasions, Greek Cross(-es), Great Temples

Neolithic-Ancient Egypt as early as ~ 7000 B.C.: Merimde Beni Salama site, Nile Delta (Neolithic period ~7000-4500 B.C. and Badarian period ~ 4500-3800 B.C.), Naqada 1-2-3 periods: Naqada-Nekhen-Abydos (~3800-3100 B.C.), Old Kingdom as from ~ 2700 B.C., The Ennead, Amen-Râ, Isis, Osiris, Horus, all Great Pharoahs who called themselves “Sons of God”, The Falcon, Eye of Râ and Eye of Horus, Onou/Heliopolis, Giza (Pyramids & Sphynx), Saqqara, Memphis, Thebes, Karnak, Great Temples

Ancient Armenia as early as ~6500 B.C.: Shulaveri-Shomu culture, Kura-Araxes culture, Hittite Empire, part of Ancient Persia including during the Achaemenid and Greek periods, then became the Kingdom of Armenia as of year 321, B.C.

Ancient Israël: Canaan, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob-Israël (Jacob’s ladder/stairway to Heaven and encounters with God), Ismaël, Moses-Mount Sinai-Ten Commandments-God’s Alliance with his people/Israel, David versus Goliath, King David and the Star of David, King Solomon, Eliah, Isaiah & others from the Bible’s Old Testament & other sources, Temple of Jerusalem

Ancient Phoenicia (~1200 – 200 BC): Great navigators all across the Mediterranean Sea, descendants of the Canaanites, the name “Phoenicia” is most likely related to “Phoenix” legends, great cities/harbors like Tyre, Sidon, Byblos, based in the region of modern Lebanon/Western Syria

Ancient Persia and Ancient Indus Valley civilizations/Hindus: The 33 Ruling Gods of Ancient Persia/India, Zoroaster, Ahura Mazda The Supreme God, The Vedas, Hindouism/Hindu mythologies and traditions, The Supreme Brahman, Indra Leader of the Devas, Vishnu and his future (10/25) Avatars, Kalki the 10th or 22nd Vishnu Avatar soon coming from Heaven to destroy all evil and enabling good to prosper in a new Golden Age on Earth; Buddha (was the ninth Avatar of Vishnu), Buddhism, The Noble Truths & The Holy Truth, Buddha’s Cosmology (3 Universal Kingdoms; 4 Celestial Worlds; Mount Sumeru’s 33 Devas, 4 Kings and Asuras & other), Samsara, Religious Mandalas starting with the Kalachakra Tantra/Mandala, Great Temples

Ancient Other Asian civilizations across North-East/South-East Asia: Mythologies, Traditions & Great Temples, e.g. Kingdom of Siam (modern Thailand), Kingdoms of Bali-Java-Sumatra (modern Indonesia), Great Temples as from the 8th century AD like respectively Angkor and Borobudur 

Ancient Mayas: Mayan mythology, Pyramids & Great Temples

Ancient Celtic civilization across Europe and British Islands as from ~ 6th century B.C.: Halstatt people/territory, Helvetii/La Tene/Alps, Gauls, Belgae, Britons, Gaels, Hispano Celts, Eastern Celts, Galatians, Celtic Cross(-es); in Celtic language, “alp” meant “luminous world”/”heavenly world”



Era of Jesus-Christ on Earth (from a Western perspective):

Life of Jesus Christ: Born of Virgin Mary, Son of God, led and trained a group of twelve apostles in Galilee/Ancient Israel, performed miracles, repeatedly preached the “Kingdom of Heaven” and “God Almighty”, indicated God’s New Alliance with his people through himself Jesus-Christ, endured the crucifixion and ascended up in Heaven. N.B.: The Hebrew name “Yeshua”, derived from “Yesha”, became “Jesus” in English/French/Spanish and became “Isa” in Arabic, meaning all the same i.e. “The Savior”; see the Bible’s New Testament including the 4 gospels of John, Luke, Marc and Mathew, Jerusalem, Greek islands like Patmos (Revelation of Jesus-Christ to John ~ 70 A.D. ) and Paros (Santa Maria, Chrissi Akti) as well as the city of Saintes Maries de la Mer (Rhone Delta, Camargue, South of France) where Mary Magdelena, Mary Jacobe and Mary Salome seeked refuge to by sea, Christian Cross(-es)

Christian Churches/Communities in the West & in the East, founded, respectively by apostle Peter in Rome (Roman Catholic/Universal Church) and apostle Andrew in Byzantium (Orthodox Church), both apostles ended up being crucified upon Nero’s foolish orders and were later elevated to Saints by the Churches) based on the life of Jesus-Christ related in the Bible’s New Testament; also other Churches/Communities like the Gnostic and Coptic ones; Arsacid Armenia was the first sovereign nation to adopt Christianity as a state religion in year 301 A.D.

Emperor Constantin (Rome & Constantinople): 313 A.D. : Vision of Jesus-Christ who gave him a Chrism as a victorious symbol 

The Celts of Eastern Ireland expand as from the 3rd century A.D. to the North of Ancient Britain and lead to the creation of the first “Scots/Scottish” Kingdoms as from the 9th century A.D.; the first crowned Scottish King was Kenneth MacAlpin in year 848 A.D., starting the House of Alpin Kings lineage 

The “Angles/Anglo-Saxons” people, expansion from North-Western Europe: On the Isle of Avalon, Mythology-Legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table leading to the creation of English Kingdoms and England; Excalibur and the Holy Grail; Anglican Church/Church of England established as from the 6th century A.D.

The “Francs/French” people, expansion from North-Western Europe: King Childeric 1st and his son King Clovis 1st lead to the creation of French Kingdoms and France; King Clovis 1st was crowned as 1st King of the 1st vast French Kingdom, almost basically like modern France, in year 480 A.D.; King Clovis 1st was furthermore the 1st reported King in Europe to adopt/implement Christianity as the one and only official religion for his people and his Kingdom (after the disappearance of the Roman Empire); all French Kings/Queens/Rulers and generations since then have transmitted this divine Heritage with great Honor

The “Vikings/Scandinavian” people, expansion from North-Western Europe: the Vikings lead to the creation of several Scandinavian Kingdoms and eventually Danemark, Sweden, Norway and Finland; Nordic mythology including Asgard/Godheim a.k.a. Ases Kingdom (supreme universal Kingdom), Odin (God Supreme), Frigg (Odin’s wife), Thor, Freyr, Freyja, Baldr, Heimdall, Walkyries, etc…  

The “Slavic/Russian” people, expansion from North-(Western-)Eastern Europe: Slavic mythology including Supreme God “Rod”, Slavic Tribes lead to the creation of several Kingdoms in Eastern Europe and additionally of modern Russia

Kingdoms & Battles as well as Angels and Saints (~300-1700 A.D.), e.g. Saint Patrick in Ancient Ireland and Ancient France (Bishop in Auxerre), Saint Martin (Bishop in Tours) who has become one of the most popular/celebrated Saints, etc…

Mahomet & Islam (~7th century A.D. onwards): The Revelation, Isrâ and Mirâj, The Dome of the Rock, Star & Crescent symbol, Holy Battles, Al-Mahdi/Muntazar the final prophet of Sunni Islam soon coming to unite the world’s races, Great Mosques

Indonesia, 12 th century: King Dojobojo’s vision of the coming of a Great Spiritual King from the West, some time after the reign of two successive dictators, to unite the world’s races and cultures in a 1000 year era of peace

Creation of the first Medieval Universities inspired by the Universal Spirit and Universal Order: Bologna 1088, Paris 1150, Oxford 1167, Salamanque (1218),  and all other Universities established afterwards

Holy Crusades to Jerusalem/Middle East by land and by sea and creation of many Knights Orders to pursue Holy Crusades/Missions, as from 1096 (1096-1099 1st Crusade) from all over Europe; 8 Crusades in total which were inspired/ordered by successive Popes of the Holy Roman Catholic/Universal Church in Rome; The Highest Knights Order was The Templar Knights (~1112-1312, based in France) which resurrected as The Order of Christ (1319-present, based in Portugal)

Construction of the first Majestic Cathedrals:  Angoulême (1100, France) of Roman style, then Majestic Cathedrals of Gothic style: Sens (1135, France), Noyon (1145, France), Paris (1163, France),  Canterbury (1174, England), and all other Cathedrals built afterwards

Creation of the Swiss Confederation/Democracy “Confederatio Helvetica” a.k.a. “Helvetia” (1291), by the first 3 Cantons Uri, Schwytz and Unterwald led by Swiss National Hero William Tell, which over the next centuries has become the first/most direct/developed modern democracy defended by the Swiss Army, with the emblem of the symbolic Heroic woman “Helvetia” bearing a shield with a great white cross which became the Swiss national flag

East meets West, again: the trips of Marco Polo (1271-1295) who was a merchant from Venice (Venice City, modern Italy) and, together with his father and his uncle, explored new roads/territories to the East all the way to China (including Beijing) and back to Venice (traveling a total of ~24’000 km), re-opening the “Silk Route/Road”, as reported in his book “The Marvels of the World” a.k.a. “The Travels of Marco Polo” (1300)  

Age of Exploration of All Seas, of Modern Astronomy and of The Reformation: Great Navigators like Christopher Columbus and Amerigo Vespucci in the Caribbean Islands & in America as of 1492, Giovanni Caboto, Ferdinand Magellan & Crew (1522, 1st circumnavigation of Earth by the seas), Vasco de Gama, Vasco Nunez de Balboa, Jacques Cartier, Francis Drake (1580, 2nd circumnavigation of Earth by the seas), and later Louis Antoine Bougainville, Captain James Cook; Modern Astronomers like Copernicus, Galileo, Kepler and others; The Reformation (~15th-17th centuries A.D.)

Age of Reason/Age of Enlightment (17th-18th centuries A.D.): New Spirit, New Thinking, New Leading Philosophers and Scientists like Sir Isaac Newton, Freemasonry, Rights, Liberties and Democracy, The American Revolution and The Founding Fathers, The French Revolution and the Blue-White-Red symbolism of the Spectrum of Light; 1st Ascent of Mont-Blanc (4808 m), France, Highest mountain in Europe, by French mountain guide Jacques Balmat (at 24 years old), at his 3rd attempt, on August 8, 1786


Era of Jesus-Christ on Earth (cont’d):

Modern Times (19th-21st centuries A.D.)

Olympic Movement & Spirit (re-instauration by French Baron Pierre de Coubertin, first modern Olympic Games in Athens, Greece, in 1896)

Aviation Pioneers: starting with The Wright Brothers in the U.S.A., as from year 1900; 1st historic flight from New York (U.S.A.) to Paris (France), flying over the Atlantic Ocean, over England and over Northern France (~5800 km in total), performed by American pilot Charles Lindbergh (at 25 years old), in just 33 1/2 hours, alone on board his plane “Spirit of St-Louis”, on May 20-21, 1927; & quite a number of other aviation pioneers of course

World War I and World War II; radical/dictatorial/totalitarian/national-extremist regimes/revolutions (mainly bolshevism, communism, fascism & nazism); Victory of Free Allied Forces (USA-Canada/United Kingdom/France) in 1945 over all fascist-nazi armies

The United Nations Organization (since 1945), the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948), NATO (1949), The New World Order (H.G. Wells, 1940) and Rising Powers in America, Europe & Asia; Exploit of the 1st jet pilot/man to break the sound barrier: Ocotber 14, 1947, by American pilot Chuck Yaeger (at 24 years old); 1st Ascent of Mount Everest (8848 m), Highest mountain on Earth, Himalaya, Nepal/China, on May 29, 1953, by Neo-Zealand’s Edmund Percival Hillary (at 33 years old) with Nepal’s Sherpa Tensing (at 39 years old)

1st/Early age of Space Exploration: USA: Mercury/Gemini/Apollo missions, Atlas/Centaur/Saturn rockets(-stages); USSR: Spoutnik 1/Luna 1/Vostok 1/other; other countries years later, as well as Early age of High-Technological Progress & Economic Development

Alarming Strange Phenomena: Roswell incident (1947), Alien abductions, UFO sightings, numerous ships and planes unexplained disappearances in the infamous “Bermuda Triangle” a.k.a. the “Devil’s Triangle” in which sudden extreme navigation/flying/weather conditions occur (see Puerto Rico trench, electro-magnetic fields possibly, etc…), unprecedented very destructive cyclones/hurricanes/typhoons (Caribbean, USA, Asia), earthquakes & other

2nd age of Space Exploration (1981-2011): USA: 5 Space Shuttles Atlantis, Challenger, Columbia, Discovery & Endeavour reaching a total of 135 space missions; Hubble Space Telescope as from 1990; International Space Station as from 1998

Positive and encouraging signs of other Worlds through Cinema/Entertainment/Media: “Star Trek” & The Enterprise Spaceship-Warp Drive-Captain Kirk & Crew, “Star Wars” & the Holy Order of Jedi Knights and Masters and Heroes of the Jedi Republic like Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia Organa, Han Solo, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Qui-Gon Jinn, Padme Amidala, Mon Mothma, “Stargate”, “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”, “Back to the Future”, “Chevaliers du Ciel” & Others.


Copyright by Patrick André, MAX-LE, February 20, 2017, Switzerland.