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     MAX-imize your Leadership & your Excellence! MAXimum Leadership & Excellence! j.l.Champions & Stars!

(*j.l.= just like)




MAX-LE is leading the way to a new approach in the field of Leadership Advisory and Coaching.

Patrick André is the Founder of MAX-LE . MAX-LE is based on Patrick André’s professional and private experience and expertise as well as on personal research.

Patrick André has created MAX-LE as a formula for all active people, men and women, young and adult: MAX-imize your Leadership and your Excellence!

This formula summarizes some key rules of the 33 Basic Leadership Rules that Patrick André has elaborated for anyone aspiring to achieve Leadership in any walk of life and that are presented in all details in Patrick André’s unique concept and book entitled “Lead Truly” published by Xlibris Editions in 2013 and that can be ordered online on the official Xlibris UK and Xlibris USA websites. Patrick André is also at disposal to provide copies of his book “Lead Truly” rapidly and directly to interested people living in France and in Switzerland, at the purchase price of CHF 22.- per copy (plus shipping).

The concept of MAX-LE existed already back in Ancient Greece’s mythology in the Greek word “Metis” meaning higher and excellent intelligence, science, strategy, spirit and wisdom. Ancient Greece’s Heroes and Heroines like Apollo, Hermes, Poseidon, Ulysses, Perseus, Andromeda, Nike, Athena, Helen(a) and Alexander The Great(est) (King of Macedonia/Greece/Asia Minor) largely benefited from it. Furthermore, Ancient Greece’s mythology also included several Heroes whose greek names were all “Actor” literally meaning “Leader/Hero” and among the most famous Heroes named “Actor” were in fact several sons of Greek Kings as well as a son of Zeus, Supreme God of (Mount) Olympus, in person. Also for your information, western astrology has been based on the “Twelve Olympian Signs of the Zodiac” (from the word “Zodiakos” in Ancient Greece) enabling the best universal predispositions by birth for future Leaders/Heroes and Heroines of Olympian Greek Lineage/Traditions.

So get the Spirit of MAX-LE right and just do it right, like Heroes/Heroines in Ancient Times.  Let’s Lead & Excel !!!

Another modern way to put it, maybe for younger people, could be: Be Fit, Forceful, Fast, Furious & Fabulous!!! (in the best lines of the great “Fast & Furious” movies, starring Paul Walker and Vin Diesel. To pay tribute to and to be forever grateful to Paul. In loving, lasting and eternal memory of – and for – Paul.

And don’t ever forget above all the following: Apart from Excellence and Leadership, the most precious thing in Life is Love (True Love) and I hope you will also find it for your own Self-fulfillment, Success and Happiness. True Heroes and Heroines seek and fight for True Love, as depicted in all History in all traditions/mythologies/religions/arts/cinema. So seek and truly fight all you can for Leadership, Love and Light!

Keep and develop the “Right Stuff” and the great “Fighting Spirit”, in straight line with some good American traditions, values and culture. Keep that Faith!!!

All the Best to Everyone and Take care,

Patrick André.


Copyright by Patrick André, MAX-LE, October 21, 2016, Switzerland.